MICROCHIPPING – ‘Vaccinate’ against getting lost! 

microchip pic

What a great idea!  One single injection to give you and your loved pet the best chance of being reunited, if he or she gets lost!  Expect the unexpected to happen – an open door, your pet taking fright, an ‘adventurous’ dog walk, or an unfortunate accident.

We frequently see cats or dogs brought to the surgery, injured with no collar and no chip.  This can lead to difficulties in tracing owners effectively and quickly.
Help us to help you and your pet.
An ID chip is the size of a grain of rice, and is injected under the skin.  This stores a ‘barcode’, which allows us to trace and contact you (in minutes with on-line access), or identifies your pet for many reasons.  Don’t delay – just do it!

From April 2016 it will be law in the UK to have dog’s microchipped.

Microchipping can be done at any standard appointment, be it vaccination or any other visit and requires no prior notice.


If we microchip your Pet at the time of any other visit e.g. vaccination , neutering, etc – get £5 off !