Help! Emergency

What to do in an emergency

During normal surgery hours: 0151 334 1355

If possible call the surgery before arriving, this will allow us to give you advice.

If we know an emergency is due to arrive, we can have staff ready so immediate assessment and treatment can be provided.

If there is no time for this, bring your pet straight to the surgery and ask someone to ring ahead.

Outside normal surgery hours: 01244 853823   

         Out of hours assistance is provided by Chestergates Emergency Service , Telford Court, Chestergates Road, Chester CH1 6LT. This is situated on the development opposite COSTCO in Ellesmere Port. Home visits out of hours can only be provided in certain exceptional circumstances, as they reduce the availability of the Veterinary Surgeon on call for other emergencies that may occur.

The emergency service can provide telephone advice in addition to actual Veterinary care.

Following a visit to the emergency service, all clinical notes will be sent to Allport Veterinary Surgery so continuity of care can occur.